Burn 360 Multimedia Suite

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Burn360 has developed into a bunch of programs relating to capturing video and audio, converting and creating DVD's

It contains the main program, Burn360, Test DVD, and DVD Catalogue. The latter two are fairly simple programs which preview a DVD and allow fairly nice cataloging of Video files/DVD contents. (Click on links on side for more info)

It stems from a desire a few years ago to extract and create VCDs. At the time there just wasnt anything on linux (GUI) that either did what I wanted or installed easily.

So to "scratch my itch" I sat down and learned the Gtk bindings for perl and wrote the program. It also includes a lot of my own thoughts as regards user interface. Not everyone will agree with these ideas but hey theres room for different ideas in Free Software.

Ideas include

This is a work in progress, as whenever I think of something that would be good to have/change I amend the programs